Announcing the premiere of AfroJam Music Conference!

This recurring conference will be held once a year and feature musical acts, panel discussion, and networking. This year's conference will be held on Friday January 15 2016, at Mist Harlem 46 w 116th street, Harlem. MIST Harlem is a state of the art event space that boasts The Café at MIST, The Bar at MIST Bar, The Terrace at MIST, The Restaurant at MIST and three of the most technologically advanced studios in New York City.

The event features such artists as Wesli, a Haitian-born multi instrumentalist singer-songwriter who conquers the heart of his audience through universal messages of hope, truth and peace. His complex musical arrangements fuse dancehall, reggae, afro beat, kompa, funk, meringue and jazz.
Also on the dock is Anguillan reggae trio British Dependency. This dynamic group of young artists, consisting of Anguilla’s first female bass player, Joyah along with drummer, Jaiden and lead vocalist and guitar player Ishmael, is known for their vintage sound and fresh take on classic reggae styling.

Awa Sangho from Mali, who got her start as a member of the Les Go De Koteba trio, will also be present at this year's conference. Sangho is a socially-conscious lyricist whose music percolates with the rhythms and resonance of Africa.
Other acts include Nkumu Katalay & The “Life Long Project" Band from the Democratic Republic of Congo. Elijah Afolabi (Eli Fola), a Nigerian vocalist, saxophonist, DJ, and music producer.  DJ Slimfrom Ghana; and Brown Rice Family, a Brooklyn based “world roots band” jamming towards global solidarity and organic happiness. Their sound fuses afrobeat and reggae, rock and hip-hop, funk and Latin rhythms to create a truly enjoyable moment, rocking out in unity.

This event is officially sponsored by The Bedford Stuyvesant Museum of African Art.