Tekura: Ghana’s number one go-to furniture maker and store…

Tekura: Ghana’s number one go-to furniture maker and store… Tekura5

I have very simple tastes, when it comes to Ghanaian/African furniture; -I like genuine antiques or modern repros with a stylish, functional, contemporary slant.. So.. imagine my delight upon stumbling across the above photographs taken by team Tekura at the Ambiente 2012 show!!

First and foremost I’m crazy about the furniture, the colours, the meticulous way the furniture has been edited down to the very 'best' of Tekura.. Secondly, the effortless, simple backdrop of the Ambiente 2012 show makes Tekura’s uber modern, stylish and functional pieces -pop and finally; the whole entire Tekura collection above -speaks luxe, something that’s rarely associated with African furniture..

I’ve loved the ‘Ghana Made’ Tekura brand ever since I discovered it about three years ago, but when I was about to feature it on La blog early last year -their website looked like there was very little activity -so I left it… But I’m uber pleased to see Tekura’s website popping again.. static

Ghana’s number one go-to furniture maker and store, Tekura’s exquisite “stylish yet functional collections that include stools, tables, benches and storage containers; in addition to complementary home décor items like bowls, vases and mirrors” inspired by “ancient cultures such as the legendary Ashanti and Fanti.” -are de rigueur.

I truly feel, Tekura founded in 2000 by Josephine and Kweku Forson -should be shouted from the rooftops, -how many quality, stylish, contemporary furniture makers can you think of in Ghana -doing it big?

Ghana Rising thanks Josephine and Kweku Forson for having the foresight to create this project in Ghana; for using the talents of local Ghanaian artisans/carpenters and for upholding the tradition of stool making -something Ghana was once famous for… Note, Tekura does cater to all tastes -be it: sleek, elegant and high-end, contemporary or rustic and much more…