Wine Production in East Africa

BC-Dodoma-Imagi-01 With the vine’s versatility and humans love for wine, it should come as no surprise that someone out there has attempted to produce wine in almost every part of the world. Add the hard-working nature we East Africans are inherently born with, and you can bet we have had our go at it as well! In fact, we started decades ago…

I’m sure most of you will be quick to point out that “wine” in such regions is normally made from papaya, banana, pineapple and other tropical fruits. That is true; however in this instance I am talking strictly about wine produced from grapes that were, furthermore, locally grown.

Tanzania is leading by sheer volume of production. Dodoma is the prominent wine region where major wine producers such as Tanzania Distillers Ltd (producers of Konyagi), Dodoma Wine Company and Cetawico Ltd are based. They have given rise to brands such as Dodoma, Imagi, Presidential and Altar Wine.