SpyOn Productions is proud to partner with Microsoft Store NYC Flagship to host our second Made In Africa: Entrepreneurship Panel Discussion.  The MIA entrepreneurial initiative event offers an opportunity for African entrepreneurs seeking to take innovative products or ideas to the market through appropriate business practices. Entrepreneurs from Africa, people interested in African entrepreneurs and African Entrepreneurship are welcome to participate in this event. RSVP AND JOIN

Patrick Gaincko is a business strategist who does research and writes about African consumers. In just a few years his website has become the leading resource for on-the-ground insights and in-depth analyses on consumers across geographies, ethnicities, cultures, and social status.
He fills the knowledge gap between brands and consumers, highlighting the great opportunities across sectors; and capitalizing on his unique ability to both navigate the African continent; and translating consumer trends, needs, behaviours, aspirations into actionable insights.
He advises established companies, recognizable names, SME’s on market entry, growth strategy, market opportunities.

Cherae Robinson

Founder and CEO: Tastemakers Africa

Cheraé is an agriculture nerd turned tech entrepreneur who revels at being the person who understands really complicated things and can make them easy to understand and connect with. Prior to founding her company she worked for CIMMYT, a World Bank agricultural research center, humanitarian organization CARE and the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. On the side she dabbles in graphic and web design, partnerships and integrated marketing, and DJ'ing. She earned a B.S. in Biology from Morgan State University. She is super passionate about Africa, making opportunity democratic, and finding ways to show other moms that they can still be high achievers and do epic things.

Chike Uzoka

Chief Creative Officer and Founder: Valentine Global, LLC

Chike is a first-generation Nigerian author and entrepreneur in his family. He was born in Queens NY. He has deep passion for teaching minorities how to create lifestyles and legacies through passive and residual income streams. Former Wall Street advisor and banker turned startup coach. His first published book in 2012 is titled, The Young Man's Guide to Entrepreneurship: 16 Things You Need to Know. He graduated with an IT degree from New Jersey Institute of Technology in 2006 and has been a resident of Newark since 2001. Two out of three of his businesses are headquartered in Newark. He is also a commercial real estate agent and very honored to be a part of growing real estate market.

Justa Lujwangana

Founder/ trip coordinator: Curious on Tanzania

Justa is a Tanzanian diaspora currently living in NYC, graduated from C. W Post Long Island University with a bachelors in Nutrition, masters in Interdisciplinary studies with a focus on International Nutrition and currently is a Clinical Dietitian. Since high school days, as a dancer, storyteller and traveler, she always showed her desire to share her culture with everyone but the more she tried, the more she realized not everyone knew of her homeland or if they did it was animals only. With the desire to contribute back to her country, she realized she can create a bridge between Western society and her Tanzanian heritage. Justa, founded Curious on Tanzania in a sense, her way of reconnecting with her roots after leaving Tanzania at a very young age. Currently Justa and her team are focused on digging deep into the country to share the beauty of it all that a lot of tourists miss when they visit. Curious on Tanzania continues to be on track with their goals but stay tune to see how they break through.

2015 Panelist Rotimi Akinnuoye

2015 Panelist Rotimi Akinnuoye

Meet our panelist Rotimi Akinnuoye 
Born in Lagos, Nigeria, Rotimi Akinnuoye moved to New York City at a young age. He studied Architecture and Fine Arts at The City College of New York. A successful biopharmaceutical sales professional, one time Middle School Science teacher and business owner. A partner in Bed-Vyne Wine, Bed-Vyne Brew and Bed-Vyne Cocktail. Rotimi is a strong proponent of community service both locally and globally. His charity work has taken him all over the work including: South Africa, Haiti, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Swaziland among others. He is the Board Chair of the Bedford-Stuyvesant YMCA. He also serves as the Chairperson of Emmanuel Baptist Church Missions & Benevolence Fund. Customer service, attention to details and building strong relationships based on trust and mutual respect are his strongest attributes.

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2015 Panelist Mark Henegan

 2015 Panelist Mark Henegan

Mark Henegan came into the world smiling in 1968 in Benoni nearJohannesburg, South Africa, and spent his teenage years in the city of Durban. Growing up during apartheid bred a man of conviction, strength, and compassion with above all a deep love for all humanity. These traits are closely modeled on Nelson Mandela, hismost significant of role models. Mark began busing tables at his father’s coffee shop at the age of 12.

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