2015 Panelist Bruce Lincoln



Meet Our Panelist Bruce Lncoln

Bruce Lincoln is the Co-Founder of Silicon Harlem. The mission of Silicon Harlem is to transform Harlem and Upper Manhattan into a technology and innovation hub and to then use this model as a means to stimulate sustainable technology-driven socio-economic advancement in other urban centers.
Bruce is a Senior Fellow at the Columbia Institute for Tele-Information at the Graduate Scho...ol of Business and from May 2008 until June 2011, he was the Entrepreneur-in-Residence at the Center for Technology, Innovation and Community Engagement (CTICE), Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Science.

Bruce is also the Founder and Chief Design Scientist of the Urban Cyberspace Company. The Urban Cyberspace Company is a design consulting and marketing firm specializing in broadband Internet technologies.